25th Class Reunion

Updated Details!

Check back frequently for new info.

(cao: 170920/0400 pt)

ALERTS = 2!!!! (read to the bottom to see Alerts)

How to RSVP

Thoroughly review ALL the information here to minimize Q&A on info provided here!

please EMAIL me…do not send texts, FB msgs, FB posts to get info. Emails are best…I will respond!

Email your event requests, payments and/or questions to: USAFA1992@iCloud.com

…once your RSVP is processed, I will reply. If you do not get a reply…contact me!


ALL! please provide a direct (cell) telephone contact number!


All paid events require RSVPs & payment in advance.

Leave your check BLANK or email to get the name of the payee!

Email front & back pic against dark background of check to: USAFA1992@iCloud.com

The Hotel

  • Dates: September 21-24, 2017
  • Hotel : Marriott COS
  • Cost: $159/Night
  • 1-719-260-1800
  • contact Monique if rooms are not available on-line!
Make a Reservation

Schedule of Events


  • Landing: 3-5 p
  • Cash Bar Recept’n: 6-10 p or so


  • Golf: 7a … free range balls
  • Golf: 8a-12p’ish
  • …name your 4-some
  • AFA Access:
  • …$10/ea
  • …Shuttle/Badge req’d
  • …req’s DOB (all) and…
  • …DL or state ID# (adults)
  • …Cadet Area: 10a-4p
  • …CW&DF open house: 10a-12p
  • No Mitchell Hall Lunch!
  • Private Arnold Hall Lunch
  • …Arnie’s Lunch = Pizza
  • …11a – 3p
  • AFA GO Brief: 1:30-3p
  • …brief in A-Hall
  • Memorial: 4:30-5:30p
  • Dinner Social Cash Bar: 6p
  • Dinner: 7p @ Marriott
  • …Buffet
  • …salad, beef, chicken, taters, apple pie


  • Homecoming
  • Alumni Weekend
  • Tailgate: 1-5p
  • SDSU vs AFA @ 5 pm
  • Group Tickets on East side
  • Post-game…hotel and/or downtown

Thursday Landing

POSIT: Jim Breeden Boardroom ….off of Lobby

3-5 pm

No Cash Bar…for now…

Thursday Reception

POSIT: Aspen Room

6 pm – 10 pm …or so…

Dress: Casual or better…

Cash Bar



7 am free range balls

8:30 am name your 4-some Tee off on the Blue Course w/cart

$25/person – 2 closest to the pin, men’s & woman’s longer drive

Lunch burgers, dogs, drinks, desert, 1/2 barrel beer feed

Tee Prizes & Gifts
– winning team ($25/person) –
– 2 closest to the hole ($25/person) –
– men’s & woman’s long drive ($25/person) –
– suede pouch, logo ball, logo tees, & logo ball marker –

Cadet Area Access

All individuals regardless of age must provide 1st & last name, and DOB.

Adults must provide drivers license or state issued ID # w/issuing state info if an ID is issued.

(do NOT send a picture of your DL…provide the 2-letter state info & number)

ONLY AFA faculty & cadets not need to apply for access. Active, retired, etc. still need to apply.

General Cadet Area Access: 10a – 4p

CW & DF Open Houses: 10a – 12p


Immediate Family only on the terrazzo.

Non-Immediate Family attend from the wall.



POSIT: Ball Room


Buffet Style: Salad, Beef, Chicken, Taters & Apple Pie

Dress DON’Ts: No Jeans/shorts. Hey…who was that guy in sweats last time?

Dress: @ least casual, business casual is nicer, business formal is fine.

Should you feel Froggy: … cocktail/black tie variants are allowed!


Joint-Ops with class of 2007 under a big ol’ 500+ person tent in front of the stadium.

Massive Tent on East side of side…stand-by mapped location…

Present ID to verify RSVP.

You’ll need a wrist band to enter.

Menu: Range-free, organic 1/2 lb bison burgers and all the fixings/sides, bottomless beverages.

Football Game: SDSU vs AFA

We have a group of tickets in Section L-6.

I have 350 tickets for us…more as needed.

Online RSVP Cut-off Dates

All ON-LINE RSVPs are cut off!

Golf, A-Hall, Dinner, Tailgate & Game Tix Still Available!

if you want to attend…Email or Call Me!!!! Email me if you do not have my number!!!!

Golf September 12th (spots are still open…pay reunion PM @ hotel .. $100/person)

Cadet Area Access – Aug 14th – ..rezs taken ’til Sept 10th… SET IN STONE! NO MÁS!!!

Arnold Hall Pizza Lunch Sept 11th (spots are still open…pay reunion PM @ hotel .. $20/adult, $10/child > 13)

Dinner September 11th (spots are still open…pay reunion PM @ hotel .. $90/person)

Tailgate ONLY 50 SPOTS LEFT…first come, first served!

Tailgate Aug 14th…rezs taken ’til Sept 11th (50 spots still open…pay reunion PM @ hotel.. $40/adult, $20/child 13>)

Football Tix Sept 11th (spots are still open…pay reunion PM @ hotel .. $40/tix)


During Thursday Reception: cadet area access badges, tailgate wrist bands & football tickets will be signed for by each grad on behalf or their gaggle.


Be sure to join our Band closed group, non-FB forum…click on CONNECT above!

Plz email your current contact info to remain connected. Your info will not be shared w/o your approval.

please EMAIL me…do not send texts, FB msgs, FB posts to get info. Emails are best…I will respond!


Lapel Pins! ($10)

Polo Knits! ($30)

Lanyards ($$ — TBD)

….email me!


Alert #01 = I’m at the Michigan game…I’ll respond to your emails & resume RSVP processing 170918/1700 CT.

Alert #02 = Prep School visits…email me if you’re interested in visiting the Prep School.